About Us

Established in 2003 as a brand of Chartwell Studio, Main Street Creations is a proud design and manufacturer brand that includes a very long list of fun, exciting and inspirational wall decals. From expression decals that embody feelings about love, spirituality, family and home to functional decals that serve as tile wall coverings, or decals that serve as an excellent substitute for wallpaper.

We continuously innovate our product line to meet changing consumer sentiment and trends.

Easy on/Easy off peel-and-stick fashion for your walls, that fits your style.

Removable Just peel off, won’t harm walls.

Self-Stick Pre-cut designs let you decorate in minutes.

Resists Moisture Completely washable.

Eco-Friendly Made of paper (PVC-free) or low-emission polyurethane.

Express Yourself.

Your Room

Your Space

Your Way


Our Mission

We develop high quality decor, that is both stylish & functional,

which we hope inspires & gratifies our customers. 

Our Values

Creativity: We will meet every task with fresh eyes and an open mind. 

Innovation: We will seek out & encourage employees who initiate change, improvement, learning & advancement of our goals.  

Inspiration: We will always keep our customer’s wants & needs in mind. 

Inclusive/Positivity: We will create a diverse & pleasant work environment that will reflect in our products.

Contemporary: We will research the latest trends monthly.

Reliable: We will use the most efficient resources to insure affordable prices & good quality products for our customers.